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Sourcing China& HK | Book

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Sourcing china and hong kong


ניהול עסקים בסין

זיו רותם-בר / הוצאה לאור בשנת 2002

As China prepares for the 2008 Olympic Games, enters the W.T.O (World Trade Organization) and awaits the multitudes from the West, to each BUYER it could be said: "go East young man, but be sure to take this book with you on your quest"! "Sourcing China & Hong Kong" is a collection of essential information about sourcing, purchasing, and the management of complex projects in China and Hong Kong. Providing valuable details about the entire process, the book describes various types of projects, methods of locating suppliers and project implementation, and also gives tips on how to effectively conclude deals and ship safely to the destination country. The author has drawn on extensive knowledge acquired from China and Hong Kong in order to describe the unique conditions and region - specific problems. On the attached CD - ROM the reader will find an abundance of useful information about hotels, restaurants, places of entertainment, where to shop, markets, Internet sites, etc.



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